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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Nemo August 2, 2004 – June 27, 2012

My little guy Nemo came down with AIHA/IMHA and we had to say goodbye. This dreadful disease has an 80% mortality rate and can be caused by a number of different things including vaccinations and tick-borne illnesses. Here’s a page with more information 
We owned Nemo (or he owned us!) since he was 8 weeks old. We had nearly eight great years with him. He was my very first puppy. All my other dogs were older when I got them.
Some of my fondest memories of Nemo are when I would open the back door to let him and our other dog outside in the backyard. Nemo would rear up and attempt to push me out the door with his front paws as if to say, “You come outside with us, Mommy!”
Another time, I was packing my husband’s lunch cooler for work. I had set the cooler down in front of the open refrigerator door and I placed a soda and some other items from the fridge into the cooler. Nemo came along and dropped his favorite red ball into the cooler, as if to say, “Maybe Daddy wants to play ball at lunchtime.”
I love how he would tilt his head to the side when I was speaking to him. He would stare at me intently, like he was really listening to what I had to say to him.
He was a sweet, sweet boy and I miss him so badly. It’s a very painful loss and I hope that one day I will be able to think about him without bursting into tears.