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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pet-Friendly Hotels for When You Travel

Take your pet with you when you travel. Check out this site for information on lodging for both you and your pet.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dog Downed by Dangerous Lightning

Rest In Peace, Comet. Hopefully people will read this and have their homes properly grounded in case of lightning strikes.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Vote for Winnie

Got this in an e-mail:

As you may or may not know it is not my practice
to send you group emails. Yet the reason I am
sending this email is for a friend of mine. Her
name is Winnie Varco-Burns. I have known Winnie
since she was in 2nd grade. She was a friend of
my younger sister, Michelle, who passed 4 yrs ago
and like a kid sister to me. While growing up in
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla, she spent most of her time
at our house (my mom thought she had 3 daughters
instead of two). Winnie has a website for her
work in rescuing wild animals and exotic pets,
who have been abused, abandoned, maimed or hurt
in some way. Her
organization, which is non-profit, is called
"Creature Safe Place", which is in Ft. Pierce,
Fla. The Discovery channel, which owns the amimal
planet channel, is having it's annual contest
called "Hero of the Year". The winner receives
$10,000.00 for their non-profit organization. And
they receive two tickets to Hawaii, which Winnie
says she will cash in because she can not leave
her home because of the animals. That is
devotion. I know that she has not had a vacation
since she began her organization.

To tell you a little more about her; many years
ago she gave up her well paid career as an ER
nurse to start saving wild life. She has
dedicated her life to these animals. And though
she receives donations for various places, her
previous standard of living has lowered as she
has willingly dedicated her life to these
precious wild animals, who without her may have
died. There are numerous wild birds, deers,
raccoons, squirrels, and even alligators, who
would be dead if not for her. So please I am
asking each of you to vote for Winnie.

Thank you so much for your help for is well deserved.
Rev. Cassandra
Intuitive Psychic Counselor - channeled by three angels

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