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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sebastian 1992-2004

Sebastian was one heck of a dog. I miss that little boy. He was one of the dogs I "inherited" when I met my boyfriend (now my hubby) in March of 1997. Apparently he was just a couple days away from being put down. He'd been passed around between a few different family members. My hubby intervened and agreed to take him and work with him.
Many lazy summer days were spent swimming at Pony Pasture and the Belle Isle areas of the James River in Richmond. We had even purchased life vests for the dogs to help them navigate the waters. George Allen and Susan were at the River one day and George did a double-take as we strolled by with our pink and green-backed Dobermans:

Going hiking with the dogs was fun, because they'd help you climb hills with their "four-wheel drive" action.
One of my favorite memories is when we lived in Richmond and I was lying on the floor watching TV. I saw him crawl across the floor towards me and when he got to me he licked my face. What a sweetheart!
He thought ice cubes were treats. We threw a party once and a cooler filled with beer bottles and ice was on the floor in the kitchen. People would casually walk by it and grab a beer, then Sebastian would casually walk by it and grab an ice cube. Too funny!
I'll never forget January 10, 2004 when I was lying down on the Living Room floor and he walked over, sat down and began staring at me. The very next day he lost the use of his hind legs. It was all downhill from there and despite the acupuncture therapy we ended up having to let him go on 04/04/04. We were able to find a vet who would come out to the woods where Sebastian loved to romp and that's where we said our goodbyes.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Firemann and Dobermann

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