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Monday, April 14, 2008

Determined Dog Discovers Dad from Distance

Brian Dennis is a 37-year-old Marine who had been stationed on the Iraq-Syria border. Brian had cared for a dog that was roaming with a pack of other dogs near his camp.

The dog is a shepherd-collie mix that Brian named "Nubs" because its ears were nubby, perhaps from abuse when the dog was a puppy.

Brian's unit ended up relocating to a new area 70 miles away. Apparently Brian wasn't allowed to bring Nubs with him, so he left Nubs behind, never expecting to see the dog again. But a couple of days later the dog miraculously showed up at Brian's new location.

Nubs had traveled 70 MILES in SUB-FREEZING temperatures to find Brian. The military normally wouldn't allow a Marine to take a pet home to the U.S. from Iraq, but the Marines are bending the rules so Brian can take Nubs home.